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With TickVue you can track the stock market in nearly real-time. It queries Yahoo Finance periodically, updates the stock values you are interested in and calculates your portfolio value and daily gain.


  • Real-time stock and portfolio tracker. Updates tickers and overall stock portfolio values every 30 seconds.

  • Display charts of selected tickers so you can easily assess their performance.
  • Discreetly minimizes to the system tray. You do not even need to restore the window application in order to know how your portfolio and chosen symbols are performing.

  • Multi-platform. Runs in Windows, Mac, Linux and (theoretically) any other Qt-compatible system.

  • Free and open source.


When you run TickVue for the first time you will see its main window showing a blank table like the one below.

Main window after installation

All you have to do is add symbols that belong to your portfolio. Here you are adding 100 Google stocks to your portfolio.

Adding 100 Google stocks to the portfolio.

In case you are not sure what is the label that you must use for the ticker you are intereseted in, go to Yahoo Finance and start typing the company name in order to have a hint from the site.

Getting the Google label from Yahoo Finance

You want to track Dow Jones value while the market is open: just set its amount to 0.

Configuring Dow Jones so its value will be tracked.

Main window after everything is setup. You own Google, Microsoft, GE, Dell and Citigroup stocks. You want to track Dow Jones and Bank of America. The status bar shows your portfolio value and daily gain.

Main window after configuration.

You can select some of the symbols. When you do that the status bar will change its contents in order to reflect the value and daily gain of the selected symbols only. In the picture below you have selected  Google,  Microsoft and Dell.

TickVue with selected symbols.
Hint: press ESC to unselect all the symbols.

A context menu will show up after you right click a symbol. It gives you options to either delete or edit the ticker. You also have options to investigate charts that show the way the symbol value changed with time.

Context menu
Hints: press DEL to delete a symbol. Double click a symbol in order to edit it.

The screenshot below shows you the window that pops up after you select the daily chart for one of the symbols.


If more than one symbol is selected then you will see a chart which shows the relative performance of the selected symbols.

Context menu

When you close TickVue's main window, the software minimizes itself to the system tray and shows an icon which may be either green or red. TickVue gives you a summary of your portfolio as well as the values of the tracked symbols if you rest the mouse pointer over the icon.

TickVue minimezed at the system tray.

Hint: the icon color is given by the performance of the first symbol in alphabetical order whose amount is 0. If you have no symbol in that condition, the color will be given by the overall portfolio performance.


Oct 30th, 2010
Release 0.13.05 submitted to Sourceforge.

1. TickVue now shows the following information inside tooltips: last update date and time, absolute ticker change, and volume.
2. Daily and 5-day charts are automatically updated every 2 minutes.
3. Bug fix: the gain indication at the status bar used to have a residual error. That was because the gain was calculated from the percent gain of each stock rather from their absolute gains.
Oct 2nd, 2010
Release 0.12.02 submitted to Sourceforge.

1. The symbol context menu has been implemented.
2. Charts.
Sep 6th, 2010
Release 0.11.01 submitted to Sourceforge.

1. New icons.
2. Configuration is saved as soon as it changes, so it is not lost in case of an unexpected program termination.
3. System tray icon context menu now has a "Restore" option.
4. Symbol selection now shows the selected items in blue.
5. TickVue shows its main window after start if there is no configuration.
6. Status bar and system tray tooltip do not indicate timeout when no ticker has been configured.

Aug 21th, 2010
Release 0.10.03 submitted to Sourceforge.